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About London Bridge Concrete, Inc.

Why London Bridge Concrete?

Continuing training and safety!

We are “Building Back Strong Foundations” so you can enjoy a hassle free, crew with manners, polite customer service experience and a hardworking attitude. Many companies have lost sight of the customer’s experience over the years and we want to reassure our locals that you can still have a great product and polite service too!

Frequently Asked Questions

London Bridge Concrete, Inc. is a family-owned company, from our office staff to our sales and craftsmen. How did we get our name? The owner’s daughter is named London and when she was a baby, a sweet daycare lady nicknamed her London Bridge. And the owner of the company started this company to bring back good construction ethics and customer service as our motto says, “Building back strong foundations”. We simply are prepared to do the work and provide a hassle free, polite, customer service where others may have failed.


  1. A customer calls “Hello, I have 300 square feet and how much will that cost”?

Answer: “Yes ma’am or sir, there are many other factors that will influence the price, and here at London Bridge, we want to accurately price your job correctly and see the area to be applied. For example, where you want the 300sq ft, we may not be able to back up a tremendously heavy concrete truck safely without it damaging your property. So, we may have to use a pump or a motorized ride on wheelbarrow.”

 This is just a common example, but as you can assure there are numerous factors, but most importantly, we want to survey the area that way we can determine the best, affordable way without sacrificing quality.

  • We offer military and first responder discounts. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! 👮‍♀️👮‍♂️👩‍✈️👨‍✈️
  • We also offer Senior Citizen discounts!
  • Call for details 321-431-4919

What we do at London Bridge Concrete Inc, the owner has a well-rounded experience in the concrete industry and is tentative to share this experience and knowledge with all staff and we are continuously researching and seeking more knowledge as concrete is constantly improving on the methods and science of concrete. This experience started out in a concrete factory making raw products into a finished bagged product that was used in stamp and decorative concrete finishes and stains. Then advanced to the field installing driveways, pools, decks, patios, and simply anything around a residential property. Then moved on to the Industrial side of the business, starting off as a craftsman moving up to the production foreman position building concrete highways and bridges. Within the years that followed, he trained and certified as a concrete batch plant operator (the person responsible for ensuring the proper mix design is tested, verified and transferred to the mixing trucks to be sent on deliveries to residential and commercial job sites. So, with this experience and knowledge, we here have a well-rounded perspective on concrete, and we are continuously learning new advancements and procedures in the industry.

Some of the steps we take to help reduce the concrete cracking:

  1. Correct mix and design for your project
  2. Ensuring proper preparation of the area to be concreted
  3. Ensuring a strong subbase
  4. Control joints and correct placement